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 LaVeleda Singleton- Director

Everyone around here refers to me as Gramma. My first grandson came to school here in 1986. He called me "Gramma". I have been called "Gramma" ever since! I love the endearing title and the little ones that call me "Gramma".

I have two children and 8 grandchildren. I have two degrees; one in Early Childhood Education and the other as a Registered Nurse. Many years ago, I felt God had called me to be a teacher. I have followed His prompting with all my heart ever since.

I have been a Sunday school Kindergarten Teacher for 30 years and a Preschool Choir Teacher for 33 years at Trinity Baptist Church in Livermore. I have been the director of Love and Care Christian Preschool for 24 years. I feel that the staff, parents, and children at Love and Care are my extended family. We all work together toward the same goals. I wake up every morning looking forward to the smiles, laughter, tears, and challenges of my family, my school, and my classroom.



 Ms. Cricket Lopez

I have three sons and have been married for almost 15 years. I have been teaching for over nine years in Sunday School and Children's Choir at Trinity Baptist in Livermore and Preschool at Love and Care in addition to my own in-home daycare. I have completed the Early Childhood Development Program at Las Positas College with an Associate Teacher Certificate in August 1999. I have various other certificates in Early Childhood Development.



 Mrs. Meleasa Clement

I have been at Love and Care Preschool for 17 years. All of my 5 children have graduated from this preschool. My children are 23, 18, 14, 11, and 8 (four boys and one girl). I am married to a police officer and we live in Brentwood. I have worked in child care for 19 years and have enjoyed every moment of it! I have also taught dance class at Love and Care for 17 years. I have danced my whole life and I enjoy sharing it with the children.



 Miss Shell

I am one of the teachers in the Three's Class. I am a mother of three boys and one girl. I've been a parent here at Love and Care for Six years, but only recently joined the staff as a teacher.

Before I came to Love and Care, my career path was that of a medical/surgical nurse as well as being ,first and foremost, a mother. The years my younger two children were at Love and Care, I found myself volunteering more and more. Soon my calling had shifted from hospital floors to the children here at Love and care.

Besides being a mother and teacher, I have many hobbies and traditions. I enjoy cooking, hosting tea parties with my daughter, socializing with friends and making truffles during the holidays. During the summer I like to can homemade fruits and jams with my mother.

My heart is here with the children and I feel so blessed that you the parents have chosen to share your precious children with me.



 Miss Ashleigh

I have been a teacher here for over three years, I work with the four's class in the morning, but I close every day, so I get to play with all the little ones who stay in the afternoon.

I am currently taking classes at the community college to become a teacher, and plan on transferring in the future. Once I started working here, I realized what a fun and rewarding career it would be. I enjoy working here so much and I look forward to helping take care of all of your adorable children this year!

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