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Curriculum Overview

Most experts will agree that children, especially young children, learn better through play than through highly structured academic activities. We embrace this concept and provide a wide range of hands-on activities and art. Blocks, easel painting, toys, dress-ups, puzzles, math manipulative, sand and water play, games, and role play are available to the children during class time.

Our classes contain three basic educational components each of which are designed to aid in specified developmental areas. During the course of each class, the children will have the opportunity to participate in free choice activities, small group encounters, and whole group teacher-directed experiences. Free choice activities allow for personal interests and self-expression; small group experiences are intended to help develop listening skills and the ability to follow directions, as well as allow practice being part of a large group.

We use High Reach Tender Time in the 2's class, Caterpillar in the 3's, and Butterfly in the Pre-Kindergarten class.

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Religious Education

We believe that spiritual growth in an integral and inseparable part of a child's well-being. If nurtured properly, this spiritual growth occurs naturally in conjunction with the other aspects of a child's development. Our objective is to provide this spiritual nurturing by way of our day to day actions, speech, and our non-denominational Christian curriculum. We endeavor to show God's love for us by teaching and practicing the "Golden Rule" and we encourage an attitude of thanksgiving for God's gifts by teaching and using simple prayers in class. Scripture verse or Bible thought, age appropriate Bible Stories, Bible related songs and finger plays are included in our weekly activities.

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Holiday Celebrations

We celebrate seasonal holidays with stories, games, art projects, food, and special guests. October 31st we have a Fall Festival. Children may wear costumes that are not frightening during our Parade and Party. We celebrate Christmas as Jesus' Birthday, and Easter as a celebration of His Resurrection. We also celebrate Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. Every year we are participants in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin. We also introduce and participate in Patriotic holidays and themes at an appropriate age level, including Columbus Day, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday, Fourth of July, and we learn to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing God Bless America.


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