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3-year-old program

Children in our 3-year-old program are actively involved in meeting new friends and discovering the world around them. They learn basic social and emotional self-help skills and beginning academic skills.

Our curriculum is thematically oriented with projects encompassing each special theme. Toilet training is available for children who are completing this transition. All parents are encouraged to visit the classrooms and teachers throughout the school year, to review their child's progress and to learn more about the school's programs.

Art facilitates discovery of one's unique creativity, using numerous art media in fun and exciting ways. Music & Creative Dramatics encourages the pure joy of music. Computers in the computer lab offer software programs that that are specially designed to support and enhance the preschool core curriculum. Geography, History, & Social Studies use hands-on experiences to familiarize children with differences in families, geographic locations and cultural heritage. Blocks & Various Related Toys enhance imaginative play, math development, and coordination. Housekeeping Materials, Dress-up Clothing, and Furnishings foster learning of everyday living skills, role playing, cooperation, and language development. Cooking Experiences teach how to follow recipes, helping with math and science concepts, and educate children about health and nutritional values. Stories and Sharing Experiences encourage language development through story dictation and discussions, and foster a love of literature.



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