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2-year-old Program

This program is for children 24 months old to 36 months old. To provide individualized attention for each child, the teacher-to-child ratio in the 2-year-old program is 1:6. This allows each group time to receive individual attention as needed.

Children in the 2-year-old programs are exploring the world around them. Goals for this age group fall into four categories: social, emotional, self-help, and developmental/educational. Social and emotional skills include being able to participate in group activities, taking turns, showing respect for others, and sharing. Self-help skills include being able to follow simple two-step directions (for example, washing hands and then sitting down at the table), table manners, and toileting. Developmental/ educational goals include manipulation of crayons, paintbrushes, stacking blocks, running, climbing and riding bikes. Children identify basic shapes and colors, count to 20, recite the ABC's and recognize the first letter of their name.

Throughout the day the teachers are modeling behavior for the children to follow. Children learn to use the toilet in a stress-free manner. Each day begins with a circle time gathering, where children greet each other and the day, weather and other significant events are discussed. The monthly letters, colors and shapes are reviewed.

During the day children participate in organized activities (either one-on-one or in small groups). Children enjoy healthy snacks and Gym play time. The day closes with everyone participating in the classroom clean up, then gathering together for circle time that may include stories, music, finger plays and simple games.

Parents receive regular feedback from teachers and aides about class activities and programs, and about how their child is progressing. Parents are encouraged to meet with teachers and staff to discuss any issue.



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