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Dear Love and Care Families,

      HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  You all deserve the very best Of Gods blessings, this month and every month, because you are the best parents a child could ever have.  I appreciate each family and I know your children love you all sooooo much. May God contribute to keep each one in His Love and Care. 
      Be prepared to see lots of hearts and flowers and cupids this month.  What fun it is to celebrate the giving and receiving of love. 
     Send to school by February 2nd or 3rd (42) valentines for your child to give to all their classmates at school.  Sign your child’s name on the back and send them to school.   Your child will place the cards in the mailboxes we will make.   PLEASE DO NOT PUT THE OTHER CHILDRENS NAME ON THEM BECAUSE IT IS TOO HARD TO MAIL THEM THAT WAY.  
     The party will be on Friday, February 13th at 11:15 am.  If this is not your child’s day to attend then come at that time for the cookies, and punch.  We will let the children take home all their decorations. 
    We need at least one or two Room Party Mothers or Dads.  You will arrive at 10 on the 13th to set up and prepare the party, and clean up after it is finished.  The parent volunteers make all the fun possible.  Sign-ups will be out on, February 1 and all goodies will need to be here by the morning of the 12th  
     School is closed on Presidents day, Monday, February 16. God bless you all and remember Jesus Love you this I know for the Bible tells me so.                  

                                  Love ya Gramma


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